About us

The company Interplex Precision Engineering Czech Republic s.r.o. with the original name Amtek Precision Engineering Czech Republic s.r.o. has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2000. We are specialists in precision stamping and robotic welding for the automotive and electrical engineering industries. We also perform secondary processes such as mechanical assembly, riveting, degreasing and stamping into plastic.
We are a proud member of the Singapore-based Interplex Group. We have a total of four production plants in Europe, in Písek in the Czech Republic, as well as in France, Hungary and Scotland. In the Písek plant, we have high-tonnage presses for the production of the largest components. Half of our production is intended for the domestic market, the others are exported to the whole world.

As time went by…

And this is how we prospered in fiscal year 2021

The management of the company is a public matter and we have nothing to be ashamed of. Take a look with us inside our success

146 818 021 Pieces produced in 2021

CZK 1,410,461,893 Revenues of the company for the year 2021

1% Employee fluctuation in 2021

419 Employees by the 30th June 2021